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                  Business Talk about Alibaba 3 years ago

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                  也感受Business Talk的魅力。






                  1. What famous company or corporation originated in your country? Are you a fan?

                  2. What line of business are you in?

                  3. What are the main products in your company?




                  In 1999

                  18 people led by Jack Ma founded Alibaba group

                  In 2000

                  Alibaba group successfully financing $20 million

                  In 2001

                  The registered users of Alibaba exceeded 1 million

                  In 2002

                  Alibaba began to make profits in the first

                  In 2003

                  Alibaba set up Taobao and opened B2C business

                  In 2005

                  Alibaba and Yahoo reached a strategic cooperation, the same year in October to take over the Chinese Yahoo

                  In 2006

                  Alibaba opened the Taobao university courses to provide e-commerce training services for platform users

                  In 2014

                  Alibaba launched T-mall international. In this year, the annual income of it is as high as 53 billion yuan

                  In 2015

                  Alibaba promoted the development of the digital marketing program in China, and gradually achieved big data marketing ability

                  In 2016

                  Alibaba group platform turnover reached 3 trillion, reach 3.092 trillion yuan, up 27% from a year earlier, It suggests that Alibaba has become the largest moblie economic entity in the world. At the same time, it makes successful breakthrough 100 billion yuan, which became the highest per capita capacity of Chinese Internet companies


                  失败是成功之母,所有的成功也有迹可循。回看Jack 的国际视角,重视商业机会的把握和精英人才的募集。