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                  登录 English Version

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                  Who We Are


                  Your Reliable Partner

                  • One-stop solution with result guarantee– refund if no improvement
                    12 years dedicated to corporate business English and cross-cultural training
                  • 4 levels of product portfolio for different levels of students
                    900 satisfied corporate clients with satisfaction rate over 95%

                  Our Clients

                  Cooperation Customer

                  Help clients improve their staff's English communication skills (business focus)

                   Help clients improve their staff's cross-cultural business and management skills

                  • Give the trainees the right learning method and right learning materials

                  • Encourage the trainees to open their mouth and start speaking

                  • Create an environment for the trainees to practice using English for work

                  Result guarantee + Learning process management + Proven track record

                  Our Offerings


                  One-stop Business English Solution

                  Cross-cultural Management & Leadership

                  Soft Skills Training in English

                  Business English Speaking

                  Survival English

                  Result Oriented System

                  • 01


                    Placement test
                    Interview & analysis
                    Test report
                    Kick off meeting
                    1 on 1 class scheduling
                  • 02

                    During Training

                    Weekly feedback & report
                    Monthly report & various activities
                    Trainees'satisfaction survey by our Customer Care Center
                  • 03

                    Final Stage

                    Final test & presentation
                    Customer satisfactory survey
                    Final report & analysis
                    Contract renewal proposal
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